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Art Therapist/Client Contract


Name of Client: 

Guardian (if applicable): 

  • Art Therapy sessions will be held at the agreed upon dates, times, and price below.  If you are late, the session still finishes at the agreed upon time.





Price per session:


  • If you are unable to attend your session, please give as much notice as possible of your cancellation.  Therapy occurs on the agreed upon dates and times listed above; this space is reserved for you. To make this possible and to maintain the consistency of your appointments for the duration of our work together, Art People reserves the right to charge the full fee cancellations made without 48 hours notice (not including weekends).  Two weeks notice is preferred for planned absences.

  • Art People LLC has a 15 minute grace period.  Please let your Art Therapist know if you will arrive late for your scheduled appointment.  A session is considered a no-call, no-show if the client has not arrived 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time.  After 3 no-call, no-shows the Art Therapist reserves the right to terminate the client.


  • Sessions canceled by the Art Therapist will not be charged for. If the Art Therapist has to miss a session, they will give you as much notice as possible. 

  • Payment is due before the start of each session.  Advance payment is encouraged.  Art People accepts credit card, debit card, check, cash, and Venmo payments.  


  • If a check for services is returned for insufficient funds or the account being closed, there will be a fee for the returned check. Payment in full plus the fee will be expected before scheduling another appointment.

  • Periodically Art People may need to increase rates due to inflation and cost of living.  All clients will be informed of any change of rate with advance notice.


  • Clients can decide to end their therapy at any time but need to inform the therapist of their intentions as soon as possible. A 4-week notice is recommended for the client and the therapist to come to a proper conclusion of the therapy.


  • Clients need to present alcohol and substance free on the day of their session. This does not include medication prescribed by a GP or other appropriate professional.


  • Sessions will be offered in accordance with HIPAA laws and the American Art Therapy Association code of ethics.


  • Art work and documentation on sessions will be stored securely by the Art Therapist. 


  • No art work, documentation, or information disclosed in an Art Therapy session will be shared with others without the written consent of the client or their guardian (if applicable).

  •  Limits to confidentiality: 

1.    The Art Therapist believes there is a risk of harm to you

2.    The Art Therapist believes that there is a risk of harm to someone else

3.    The Art Therapist required by law to disclose material


Client or Guardian’s signature indicates that they have read the above office policies and agree to abide by these terms during our professional relationship.  The undersigned client or responsible party consents to and authorizes services by Art People LLC.


The undersigned understands that they have the right to:

  • Be informed of and participate in the selection of treatment modalities.

  • Receive a copy of this consent.

  • Withdraw this consent at any time.


Client or Guardian Signature:                          Date :



Art Therapist Signature:                                    Date :



Art Therapist Signature:                                    Date :

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